Ergonomically Correct Posture at Work

Getting the consistent correct posture at work is difficult in  today’s busy offices with hot desking and mobile working.  The most  important things are a good ergonomic chair and a suitable desk.  Even  if you have a suitable office chair and a bulky desk you might find that  it is difficult to get in close to your computer and work area of your  desk. 

If you can’t get into your desk because the arms are in the way  then you end up adjusting the arms down and then that is defeating the  object of having a office chair with height adjustable arms in the first  place.  Then if your chair has fixed arm then you’re stuffed because  you end up getting into stressful postures while working on your  computer.  What’s more office chairs that have fixed arms are bad from  the start as you will get into the habit of slouching into the chair so  that your elbows will rest on the arm pads which then leads to aches and  pains related to bad posture.

So what can one do to sort that out?

Well the first thing is to get a good ergonomic office chair and that  is at least 60% and then the next thing is a good office desk.  A  ergonomic height adjustable desk is most probably the best bet as you  can be standing or sitting.  Standing can be an advantage if you have  telephone call to make as your body is extended and so your voice will  be more dynamic.  Then when you have work on your computer then you can  lower the desk to your perfect height.

So what’s next in the search for the perfect ergonomic office?

That is another story and would be better covered in Computer  Workstations